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ALEFE, Inc is an educational 501 (c)(3) that aims at providing free and low-cost Arabic language programs to TK-12 students from diverse backgrounds while building bridges across cultural differences. ALEFE goal is to help non-Arabic speaking students become bilingual in a global job market. Our goal is to also help Arabic speaking students preserve their heritage language while achieving academic success.


ALEFE believes that the best way for students to acquire a language is through the immersion approach. Being immersed in a language daily for extended time periods is how we as children have learned our native languages growing up. ALEFE programs are designed in a way where students need to use the studied language for 90% of their classroom time.

Meet The Team

At ALEFE, we are a dedicated team based in Sacramento, bound together by our passion for language education and cultural exchange. Our diverse backgrounds in teaching, arts, and media production enrich our mission to make learning Arabic engaging and accessible. Together, we collaborate with communities and educators to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Arab culture. Join us in creating a more connected and culturally aware world.

Board President

Dr. Dale Hamad

Dr. Hamad brings to ALEFE more a long and varied experience in educational leadership. As the Principal of an Elementary school for six years, Dr. Hamad accumulated an extensive experience working with students, parents and community leaders in a K-12 setting.

She is currently the Principal of The Granite Adult School, which provides ABE, High School, HiSET and College programs to over 1700 students. Dr. Hamad holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and is also an instructor at Folsom Lake College and American River College, where she teaches Anthropology and Sociology courses to a diverse community of students.

Board Treasurer

Veerpal Sanga

Veerpal brings to ALEFE and extensive experience in the field of non-profit accounting, taxes and CPA. Her work experience includes working in accounting at a nonprofit, Opening Doors, followed by accounting and auditing experience at a mid-size CPA firm, James Marta and Company.

Veerpal is currently a financial analyst at the UC Davis Health System. She is a UC Davis graduate with Bachelors in Neurobiology, followed by an Associates degree in Accounting and is currently an MBA candidate at Sac State.

Board Secretary

Doray Espinosa-Kahny

Doray brings to ALEFE more than 30 years of teaching experience in Asia and the United States. She is currently teaching a muli-grade lower elementary class at the California Montessori Project in Elk Grove. Doray has a BA in Communication Research, an MA in Communication Management, and is a certified 3-6 and 6-9 Montessori teacher.

She is also a volunteer for Woods and Books, a Philippine-based non-profit organization that brings books, school supplies, and teaching materials to public and private schools and educational centers in Iloilo City, Philippines. She also conducts teacher training workshops.

Co-founder & Co-Executive Director

Neveen Ali

Neveen is the Director and Owner of the HOME Montessori Preschool in Elk-Grove. She brings to ALEFE a long experience in school administration, Montessori Education and Arabic curriculum design. She is currently a Master Candidate in Bilingual Education.

Co-founder & Co-Executive Director

Dr. Amira Kotb

Dr. Amira brings to ALEFE years of experience in program management and evaluation. Her experience covers several areas including refugee resettlement, social services, education and mental health. In addition to her role as ALEFE Co-Executive Director, Dr. Kotb supports other non-profits through her work as a non-profit consultant. Amira has a PhD in International Development and a MA in Comparative Politics.


Amani Abdun

Amani is a pioneer ALEFE teacher and has a BA in Arabic literature, including high diploma in education. She is an Arabic teacher since 2007 and her teaching experience spans several countries. Amani is a producer for a Syrian radio station. She is also a poet, and has published two poetry books.

Join Our Dynamic Team

At ALEFE, we believe that the heart of education lies in deep cultural understanding and a commitment to fostering language skills. We are dedicated to building bridges between cultures through innovative educational programs. If you share our vision of enriching lives through Arabic language and cultural education, we invite you to explore the opportunities to join our team.

ALEFE Committee of Experts
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